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About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations of the world that is located in the horn of Africa with a population of 82 million. A land of stunning natural beauty, covering an area of 1,251,282 km. Ethiopian history begins with the rise of queen of Sheba of Axumite Empire three thousand years ago. With a heritage that starts from the cradle of human beings underlined when the remains of “LUCY”, dated from 3.5 million years ago and 4.4 million years old Homo Ramidus Afarensis, mans oldest anthropoid ancestors were found, the country is rich in history and culture.

After the decline of the Axumite Empire a new dynasty came to power in 12th century in the Christian highlands known as the Zague dynasty in Lasta. During the period of the Zague dynasty, the famous king Lalibela curved unbelievable monolithic rock hewn churches. These churches are believed to be as one of the wonders of the world. The Zague dynasty came to an end in 1270 and Ykuno Amlak came to power and shifted the political power to Shoa. Yekuno Amlak claiming to be a descendant of king Solomon and queen of Sheba, establish as the “Solomonic dynasty”.

In the 19th century Emperor Menelik II come to power as king of kings of Ethiopia. Menilik came to power after the death of Emperor Yohannes. Emperor Yohannes was a famous king of Ethiopia who guarded his country from envaders of Italians, Egyptians and the Sudanese. Emperor Yohannes died in Metema battle.

Emperor Menelik played a leading role in introducing technology and modern education to the country. He was chief commander of the climatic Italo-Abyssinian battle of Adwa and resulting in a surprising but decisive victory for Ethiopia. In 1930 Teferi was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia and named “Haile Selassie” which means the power of Trinity. In 1931 Haile Selassie announced the countries first written constitution. Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed in September 1959 the army and the army ruled the country without proper election. Currently Ethiopia has formed a parliamentarian a multiparty political system. Ethiopia has a lot to offer to the world. Rich history, mosaic and diverse culture, variety of flora and fauna, climate and many more which gives pleasure to visitors.